Announcing Vima, the Visual Management Framework

It’s finally here! After so many years of iterations, and delays due to the pandemic, I am proud to officially announce and publish the first version of Vima (formerly pre-published here as VMF or Visual Management Framework).

I hope to offer the community a real alternative to Scrum and Kanban, tailored to business teams or any environment that is a little bit chaotic in nature.

Vima is a way to bring business agility at team level into any organization. You still need to do a lot of work on mindset and culture, Vima will not work without agile leadership. But for most business teams, it is a better starting point than vanilla Scrum or Kanban and will get you off your feet faster.

Vima is not recommended as a default option for teams that do mainly innovation or product/project work. For those teams, Scrum is still the best starting point. For all other teams, try Vima.