Dreaming in Post-Its

Great video!

Any similarity between this guy and my desk is purely… frightening. I hope these things don’t start moving on their own!

Xavier's desk

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  1. Tim McMahon’s avatar

    I am interested in your system posted at your desk. Could you explain it a little further to me.

  2. Tobias Mayer’s avatar

    Excellent video. Your post-it arrangement is very aesthetically pleasing, but I have to ask you this: how can you work on such a tiny desk? Seems crazy :-)

  3. Xavier Quesada Allue’s avatar

    Haha.. who said I can? I just went to IKEA last week and I have a new desk waiting to be assembled. This was an emergency desk that a friend lent me.

  4. Xavier Quesada Allue’s avatar

    Hi Tim!
    Thanks for your interest. I will try to publish a blog post about it soon. I need to figure out some details first, as I am experimenting with it. I’ll let you know when I write something up.